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I have vowed to get to bed much earlier than the last several nights, so this will be quick.

I've stopped listening to books on tape - nothing philosophical there, just finished the last one and haven't put in the effort to find another. Nothing philosophical, but not without purpose, either: I firmly believe that what you put in your head is what comes out of it (G.I.G.O) and what I want out of it is creativity: I've got things I want to do, and I want my brain open to ideas. Music or silence on the drive to work.

I've got three songs started - just lyrics, and most of what's come out doesn't even rhyme, but the ideas are there and written down (so to speak - speech to text memos on the smart phone).

The dye machine Ver 2.1 is taking shape in my head, but not yet in physical reality. There simply hasn't been time. Too much day-job, too many migraines (M's, not mine), not enough time in the shop.

This weekend is the Sunflower Feis, hosted by Driscoll School of Irish Dance. Every parent is involved somehow, running errands, running stages, putting up results, acting as ambassadors. I don't know how I managed it, but I'm not participating. No one has given me a job and to be perfectly honest I haven't sought one out. Too much to do otherwise, and if I can drop off Michelle and the kids and come home, so much the better. It's going to be a stormy weekend, and I'd love to be home for that.

The barter economy is alive and well. I have a student who wants to know everything I know about sewing, pattern drafting, dyeing fabric, anything she can get her hands and mind on. Katherine came to the house last Sunday and - since there's always so much going on - every time she went to a new room in the house she just had to stop and take it in. She was quite overwhelmed. The barter part is that she is a former Irish dance champion who teaches yoga with an eye toward turning dancers into winners, we we're trading my time in the shop for her time with the kids. Win-f'n-win. She's lovely to hang out with (and not at all hard to look at) so that's a bonus.

Glasgow is still not a personable kitty. She hides during the day, and only comes out after dark. She doesn't come when called or show any interest in people when we try to get her attention. You have to go to her, BUT when you do, scritches and whisker rubs are the order of the moment. You even go near her tail and the butt goes all the way up. She head-boops, she'll lick your fingers. She will not be held, though, and spends the time when she's out either eating or on the cat tree. From my perspective, there's been no impact at all on the day-to-day. 

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