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Birthdate:Feb 28, 1966
Website:Seamlyne Reproductions
I'm a conservative-leaning social moderate. By day, I'm an arrogant, condescending, and tempermental computer programmer; by night, a husband; daddy; filmmaker; businessman; tailor; and woodworker;
the proportions vary by time of year and workload.

If you like your music live, accoustic, and Celtic/American, played with more talent than actual skill, I'm your man. I play a 2002 Taylor 510 LE, with a Martin-style neck and Martin GoldLine pickup, and a 1994 Samick Accoustic 6. (If none of that means anything to you, don't worry about it.)

Coffee: Roasterie, Starbucks, battery acid, Folgers etc. In that order.

DirectTv, not cable.

My librarian is an orangutan. (Again, if you don't understand, don't worry about it.)

I grind my own coffee beans, own a $350 coffee machine and a $450 espresso machine, and am seriously (some would say dangerously) caffeinated before 10:00 most mornings.

Current passions are music and videography, and I don't do enough of either. I also have a blog for autism and suburban living at The Road Less Ordinary.

Did the ren fest thing for thirteen years (many of you would know me as Bartolomew Q. Solace, the shire gravemaker from KCRF), although with the exception of a small faire now and again I'm pretty much done with all that. No money and little fun left in it. However, if you need tights, shirts, or accessories, we can take care of that.
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