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A weekend of very low Lows and very high Highs, but taken all for all, a good weekend.

Friday night/Saturday morning, about 1:45, Katie became very sick. It hit her so sudden that she didn't have time to make it to the bathroom for the initial heave, so in addition to seeing to her comfort we had a mess to clean up in her room as well. It was shockingly sudden: she was fine when she went to bed, no symptoms or warning. She ran through a new round of vomiting every forty-five minutes or so until mid-morning, so none of us - except for Jami - got a lot of sleep. The rest of Saturday, day, was relatively quiet. She's fine now, bouncing back. Even rode her bike some yesterday (Sunday).

Saturday night, my usual first-of-the-month performance at Stone Bridge. My God, what a terrific night that was.

The place was packed, nearly standing room only when I arrived at 7:15. By the time I actually starting playing, they'd had to bring in chairs from the neighboring gallery and there were still people standing on the margins. My brother Chris and his family were there, which is always a treat: I don't get to see my brother often enough. A friend and his wife that I haven't seen in more than two years (hi, Tangblade!!) Friends from high school. Several people I've never met who are now fans.

A. Maze. Ing. For someone accustomed to playing to three or four people in a largely empty room, I having a hard time getting used to it.

Sunday was productive. Spent my morning and early afternoon coding for a big project that goes live tomorrow. It's our biggest project ever, for the ad agency that does Ford's (yes, Ford Motor Company) television advertising. Tomorrow, the commercials that drive the project start airing in Cincinatti, OH and Louisville, KY, and I expect our "switchboard" to light up in short order. I hope our system can handle it. If this goes well, there are forty-nine other advertising markets that we'll be servicing: this could be the big turning point for us. Conversely, if we fuck it up, we'll never get another shot.

We spent a couple hours in the garage, cleaning up, disturbing and hopefully removing mouse habitats. The garage looks much nicer. When I get the shed built, it will be even nicer with all the gardening and lawn care stuff out of the way.

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