Sep. 13th, 2016

mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)
I've heard it said, "Never make a permanent decision out of temporary heartbreak." There was no music in me, so I left the Taylor where it was, in its case in a little-regarded corner of the basement. I didn't try to force my way through it. I pulled it out a couple nights ago. I noodled some tonight. I wish I could say it felt good, it felt like coming home. Best I can say is it didn't feel bad. I'll go with that. Patience.

Glasgow, a.k.a. L'il Boop, is becoming braver. She's spending more time not hiding, and explores every room of the house. She loves interaction with people - specifically me and Jami, who I think she doesn't associate with The Big Scary Black Dog - and begs for attention. Doesn't much care to be held and if I've got her and sit down, she's off within just a few seconds, but she squeaks when she sees me coming, and reaches out a paw. She doesn't really "meow", as such. Her voice, like the rest of her, is very delicate. So is her purr-motor. You really have to listen, but it's almost constantly running.

Such a different little cat from how she was back in ... whenever it was she appeared in our lives. April? I dunno, and I'm too lazy to look it up. Or too tired.

Been sewing like mad. I'm almost caught up. One more doublet, a pair of sleeves, and some alterations on a doublet that's already done, and that's caught up. Just seamlyne tights orders after that.

Saturday, I went to faire and worked at Astral Sea. It still amazes me, even after having known Danny for twenty-plus years, that we just slip right back into our old relationship, putting it on like an old sweater. Even at fifty, I need his friendship, a stable male influence near my own age who feels as I do about many issues. He's my best friend because he once called me on my bullshit at the risk of our friendship. There's a lot that's happened in my life that's not been positive that might not have if he'd left the issue alone, but my integrity and the emotional well being of those around me needed that kick in the ass at the time, and he was the only one who cared enough - or was brave enough - to do it.

While there, I was reminded how many other friends I have, even those I don't see often. One in particular, in a simple gesture/hug, intuiting that I really needed the contact, I am particularly grateful for. You know who you are :)

The day's unaccustomed activity didn't kill me like I thought it would. A little sore around the calves, but I hurt more sitting in a chair all day.

Feeling better, generally.

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