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Last night was a choir concert for Katie's day school. It was as you'd expect a large group of singing 5 to 15 year olds to be: unintelligible, cacophonous, and cute. Katie, much improved over years past, sang in most of the songs, and was right on for all of them, hand motions and all.

As a tangent, I'm waiting for the world's school choir directors to figure out that hand motions aren't cute any more past the age of eight or so. Making a fifteen year old do them backfires, often as not.

When the choirs came off the stage to return to the pews and the "group sing" started (another disastrous choir-leader invention, in my opinion), Katie remained sitting while the people around her stood. Bad sign. I moved to where I could see her better, and her hands were up by her face. Another bad sign.

Katie was overwhelmed and she'd checked out.

I went and knelt by her seat and asked her how she was. She shook her head, "not good", so I took her by the hand and we went out into the foyer to get away from the noise and activity. She rebounded, but was hyper, chatty and childish below her chronological age, the rest of the night.

I didn't realize at the time and only came to it this morning that I was affected by the evening as well.

Without devoting a lot of thought to it, about five minutes after we got home I installed MySQL (a DBMS I'm not really familiar with yet) and two Wordpress installations on a production server. Thankfully, it's stable and didn't interfere with MSSQL in any way. I was so out of it last night that I wouldn't have been able to deal with any serious problems that arose.

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