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It's getting better, it really is. I left the mask on until 6:00 this morning, when I took it off in the mechanical equivalent of the "snooze" button. I was afraid going into this that the mask and hose would make me feel claustrophobic, that in my sleep I would rip them off and away, but such hasn't been the case. I accommodate them, without much thought.

I'm a side sleeper, always have been. I find that when I roll to my side the straps securing the mask to my face loosen and the mask pushes away just enough to annoy. Simple to adjust and deal with it though. I'm working on changing my sleeping habits, to sleep on my back. That's tough.

I had been running the air hose behind the lamp to help control it, keep it above my head. What I didn't think of was that behind the lamp is a very cold exterior wall. I shifted the hose to the front and turned the humidity down. Condensation problem solved.

I feel somewhat better today. Not good enough to proclaim victory, or that even the device has anything to do with it, but, as always, I am hopeful. The real challenge remains having my mouth fall open. I awoke feeling like I'd been chewing fibreglass in my sleep.
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