Nov. 6th, 2016 10:24 pm
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About an hour into the drive back from Sioux Falls, Michelle said that if I wanted to just go home, we could visit The Homeplace some other time. I was good with that. When the 680W exit came up, we cruised right on by. I'll admit there was a little pang when the Nebraska City exit - marked by the giant Sapp Brothers coffee pot/water tower - slipped by, and I gazed down Highway 2 as far as I could before our speed took us out of view. I kind of feel bad for not stopping to make my manners, but there's no one there alive to regret having missed the visit. My last reason not related to simple nostalgia died in 2005, and if I'm to be perfectly frank, it was a relief when she passed.

Sorry mom, much as I loved you, you were a hell of a heavy weight to carry.

Katie did very well, and I'm quite proud of her. Her field of competitors was very small, so small in fact that the awards don't mean anything in the grand scheme of Irish dance, but they meant a lot to her, and that's what matters. The feedback from the judges was positive, more like constructive advice than critique, the first time that's ever happened.

The dog did well, about like I expected in fact. She barked once, at a pair of small dogs in the hotel parking lot, and that was it. With the head collar on, Brigid is all business. Even though she alerts Michelle when her blood pressure starts to rise - usually a harbinger of a coming migraine - she's mostly an emotional support dog, and even served as such to some other dancers at the feis. One, who said she'd never seen a service dog she could pet, attributed her better placement to being able to come pet the dog to help her calm down and settle. Brigid took it all in stride, and after all the Giving and attention received was exhausted by the end of the day. Like us, she is very glad to be home.

The cats are glad we're home, too. Boop has barely left me alone for five minutes, wanting to be held and petted, though for brief intervals only as usual.

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