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Not bad, not bad. Nothing to write home about, and I can barely remember yesterday, but not bad.

If there is one downside to having my office upstairs and in the center of the house, it's that I am obliged to suffer through whatever is on the TV. Since Michelle is unable to do much else day-to-day, the TV is on a lot. I only work half days in the office so I'm home for a lot of it. Over the last winter it was British crime dramas. This summer, all seven seasons of Supernatural. These Hallmark holiday movies that Michelle has been wading her way through since Thanksgiving are kinda like campaign promises: completely interchangeable, formulaic, insincere, poorly delivered, cynical, and ultimately forgettable.

We're not precisely weather-bound, I just have no real motivation to go out. Groceries I handled on the way home from the kids' performance yesterday and I don't need anything at this point for the dye machine. Driving yesterday was no fun. I rarely have any trouble getting around, age has taught me caution and patience.

I think I managed to salvage the dye jobs. There's something about the dark brown dye, I've never gotten a job that wasn't splotchy. I keep it on the shelf for marble jobs, and used it mixed with camel for the latest job - camel is tough to get smooth, too. It was a match made in hell. For the overdye/correction, I subbed in a different brown and it seemed to do better. The two jobs together streaked in different places, and on average came out okay. Maybe. I haven't seen it in daylight yet.

Back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward, but for no reason in particular. Just don't wanna, Need a break. It's cool, though, I'm just whining.
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