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Twenty-three unauthorized transactions in ninety seconds.

A little less than a week later, twenty-three emails in ten minutes, saying, in effect: "yep, fraud alright. We'll refund you money."

It'll take a few days, but still, hoorah. Go PayPal.

Even though DataGuy doesn't really work here anymore, he still manages to be annoying. I get copied on every email that comes into the sytem, and yet he forwards them all to me like he can't see perfectly well that my name is in the CC field and has been for ten fucking years. He continues to mother-hen me. I can only hope he mellows out in a few weeks. I'm fifty years old. I think I can handle it without constant supervision.

The only part of it that I truly dislike is now I have to deal with all the annoying people that would have been his when we was here. If there was one good thing to be said about working with him, he was adept at filtering what reached me so I could stay focused (though he could never filter himself.) There aren't but three or four, so it could be worse, I suppose, and I'm happy to ignore any phone call from a number/name I don't recognize on the caller id.

Must grocery shop on the way home today. With our bank account being $3000 in the hole, I've been putting it off, but we're got a bad case of the Outs, so I grabbed a hundred dollars out of the "egg money" can. Gotta have milk. Without milk, there can't be latté. Without latté, there can't be working.

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