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I am three orders away from having a completely empty Seamlyne queue. That hasn't happened since April or so. That nice warm feeling is tempered a bit by the knowledge that one of the orders completed tonight for shipping tomorrow missed its deadline. Still four orders out in an evening, three more to go, that's not bad.

Soooo looking forward to getting back to work on The Machine. I think I've got everything I need to build the working prototype except time, and that's coming.

The ice under the day job is getting thin. The finance company we more-or-less partnered with was badly managed enough that they lost a million dollars last fiscal year. It's under new management but they let their four best producers all go on vacation for two weeks: their revenue plummeted and they didn't have enough money to pay us for our services this month. We only have 90 days of reserves, and MoneyGuy has sworn to lend no more money to the company. The plan is to white-label and sell our financing product. Hoping to have that project done in the next few weeks.

Glasgow/Boop is now social enough to be a pest, especially at dinner time. Still won't let me hold her for any length of time, but we're practicing a little every day.

Jami is done dancing until he can get his GI issues under control. Any bouncing at all and he starts spitting up. His esophagus is so irritated that there's usually a little bit of blood mixed in. Moving up to the next strength of PPI med.

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