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The gig Saturday night was better than I expected it to be, given how long it's been since I played any of those songs. There's a weird minor chord that I use in a couple of songs that I just absolutely couldn't get my fingers to do. Obviously, I need to get my hands back in shape.

Had a great surprise that night as well when some folks from Weeping Water that I've been very fond of since I was a child came to hear me perform. Doris' daughter lives in Independence and she and her husband Bill were down to visit, so it worked out. It was good to see them, if a little surreal. I've only ever seen Doris in the context of Weeping Water, so it took some mental adjustment.

I've been playing with colors and ways to use up fabric scraps. Anytime I make a pair of tights with no codpiece I waste about half of the fabric. I'm experimenting with patchwork and I like the look a lot. The piecing takes time, but it's easy work and will hopefully decrease our fabric costs by allowing us to sell more of it.

Katie and Michelle had allergy testing and both came out allergic to, among other things, gluten and dairy. I have no idea how to cook without butter, or cream, or buttermilk, and I certainly can't afford gluten-free products. I'm frustrated with that situation, though I know it'll get better as we adjust. If past patterns are any indication, I'll have to make the changes on my own for everyone else, that Michelle will help only insofar as she keeps me informed of what she and Katie can't have. Menu planning and shopping will likely continue to fall to me.

For the first time in months, I have some breathing room in the shop. There's still plenty to do, but no drop-dead-tomorrow deadlines.

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