Dec. 6th, 2016

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23, $200 charges on my empty PayPal account, which means the money was taken out of my business checking, which didn't have that much money in it, which means that even if the charges are reversed, we're going to get hit with nearly $1000 worth of overdraft fees.

My hope is that USBank will waive the charges because I called in the fraudulent transactions the second I found them. This is assuming that PayPal is honest and finds in my favor, which I have little confidence they will. Their track record isn't stellar. If they don't, I can prove fraud and sue: twenty-three separate transactions in less than 90 seconds?, sent to an email address similar to mine that I don't own? That's actionable, I would think.

However it comes out, me and PayPal are quits. I only started using that account for a couple of Seamlyne customers in any case. I've already called the bank: they've cancelled the card that was on file though they can't do anything about the charges because I've done business with PayPal in the past, so as far as they're concerned the transactions are as likely to be valid as not.

Best case: $0 and three to ten days of having the money tied up. Worst case scenario, we're out by nearly $6000. That's going to hurt, but we'll absorb it and get through. Probable case: out a grand in bank fees.

Thankfully, in the short term, I've got a couple hundred dollars in cash and a pre-loaded gift card, so we won't starve.

Now to spend the next few days changing every password I have.

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