Nov. 5th, 2016

mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)
We're in Sioux Falls, SD, for a feis. It's a very small event - about two hundred dancers - which is perfect for Katie, who hasn't competed in a while and who hasn't been doing well since her hip injury. She did very well today, taking first place in two dances, though neither had enough dancers registered to count toward moving her up to "prize winner." (There must be at least five competing or it doesn't count.)

Even so, she's happy. It was a good confidence booster and motivator for her. We thought earlier in the week we wouldn't come, but it was an easy drive north - straight up I29 - and she needed it.

On the way home, we'll detour through Nebraska City and environs, visit the ol' family homestead in Weeping Water. I haven't been there since...2011?...when we passed through on our way to Oregon to visit Frank B., and I feel like I ought to pay my respects at mom and dad's and David's graves, give our daughter a review of who's who and who they are to her. One of her maternal great-g-grandfathers is responsible for founding the town, after all. I more or less grew up there, though I was officially raised in Independence I have at least as many memories of south-eastern Nebraska as I do Missouri.

We've seen very litle of Sioux Falls, the town. The feis wasn't done until mid-afternoon and Michelle crashed pretty much the minute she got back to the room. Fine with me - there isn't much to see except the falls and we saw plenty of them when we were passing through on the way to Oregon. Our hotel is in an industrial area on the NW corner, and there are no eateries within a twenty minute drive in any direction. Took me half an hour to find a Starbucks, and I can usually sniff out one of those in under five minutes.

Katie spent an hour or so in the hotel pool - more of an indoor water park for the kiddies, so nothing deeper than 3'6". She took the water slide three times and on the third scraped her big toe - shallow damn pool! - bad enough to leave a rather impressive trail of blood on the tiles. She wisely got out of the water, I found a first aid kit and a clean rag, and we got it taken care of. The kid in charge of the area was completely unphased. Grabbed the spray botle of disinfectant cleaner and wished us a better day.

To be honest, I slept most of the day away myself. I can't decide if there's something wrong making me sleep so much (blood sugar or something) or if I just have my days and nights turned around. I need to see my doc about it, but she'll just order another sleep study or prescribe another sedative that I can't take. There's no such thing as "no rebound effects" when it comes to me and tranqs. A quarter of a pill she said she gives to her five year old daughter knocked me for a loop for two days. No thank you.

I need to meet with her anyway, do a med review and physical. I am now the age my dad was when he started showing symptoms of the brain tumor, and given the number of headaches I get a week it'd be nice to have a clean CT scan on my chart. Took the man six years to die and it was grueling for him and everyone around him, including me. It's one of the few things I truly fear.

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