Sep. 3rd, 2016

mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)

I will be so relieved when this weekend - or at least tomorrow of it - is over. I don't much like Irish Fest (crowds, noise, unwanted contact and interaction) but the kids are Irish dancers so we go. They performed with their school tonight on the main stage; I was smart and remembered to bring earplugs to protect my hearing from those big-ass, bassy speakers.

The dance instructor is pregnant and stressed and distracted, and it showed in the performance of several of the dancers, but I know what to watch for. I'm sure that to the average audience member it looked fine. Coming onstage for the finale, Katies shoe slipped on the stage and she fell "right onto the one part of her body ideal for absorbing the shock", as I teased her afterward.

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