Aug. 6th, 2016

mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)
We were on our way to buy a couple of new chicks, silky bantams, but when Michelle learned that they were straight run - meaning not sexed, you get what you get - and absolutely not wanting a rooster we mutually put the kibash on the idea and started back home. She was telling me about how she has some family (newly discovered) buried in Orrick, Missouri, and since we were on that section of highway, I turned that way.

Orrick is about twenty miles that-away, on 210 following the river toward Richmond. Not much to the town, population somewhere under 400. The cemetery has probably three times the population and is divided into three, easily identified sections, like mis-matched additions on a house. We found one relative, but not the other, but it was a beautiful day and beautiful country and we had a nearly normal family outing. Even the kids enjoyed the cemetery, outdoors with a view for miles in every direction from the top of the hill, a gentle breeze, birdsong. For Michelle it was like going home to Tennessee, for me, Nebraska. For an hour or so, I wasn't worried about sewing or my day job.

It was wonderful, much needed.

I also got a lot of sewing done. Not as much as I wanted (oh hey! that's NEW), but I'm still pleased with the day. I've no complaints.

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