May. 13th, 2016

mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)
I haven't posted lately because I'm just not in a good head-space and I don't want to whine through the keyboard. I'm desperately tired and beginning to despair that this is what my life is to be until it ends. Michelle talks every day about how she's getting better, but that has no practical meaning when I'm working two full-time jobs AND STILL making all the meals AND taking the kids every place they need to go. I never wanted to be a parent, and here I am for all purposes a single dad.

I'm grateful for The Machine, it's given me something challenging to do, something to get enthusiastic about. I need, among other things, to get laid. That'd go a long way to improving my outlook. It's pretty lonely here, in every sense of the word.

Okay, whining done. Don't look for it again any time soon.

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