Mar. 27th, 2016

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Not the weekend I was expecting.

I had planned to clean the garage Saturday morning and spend the rest of the time working on Ver 2.1 of the dye machine. I've done quite a lot of sketching, noting things that need to be added (a drain would be useful; a rounded basin would be much more efficient), changed (height adjustment of the top roller assembly), or added (spring or elastic tensioners on the top roller; additional rollers to accomodate longer fabric).

For a variety of reasons, that didn't happen. Instead, I did a deep clean on the main bathroom, bleaching for mold and removing all caulk around the base of the surround. It had been so long, getting the porcelain clean required mounting a scrubbing pad on my drill. Took an hour and many, many applications of cleaner. (I hate to say this kind of stuff publicly, but we've been focused on just surviving day to day since 2011; you have to pick and choose what gets done.) Soon as I have the funds that aren't otherwise spoken for, I need a roll of blue painter's tape so I can cleanly recaulk the tub. That was Saturday.

Today (Sunday, 3/27, Easter) I cleaned the garage. Ver.2.0 left the garage a mess of sawdust and lumber scraps. I combined two projects. I've always wanted a light in the door-end of the garage, but the ceiling is so low there is no clearance at all, 3/4" at most, just enough for the garage door handle. I removed the drywall from the ceiling and mounted a flourescent fixture in the space between two joists, placed in such a way that the light shines thought the garage door windows when the door is open. I added an outlet, one-half switched for the light. More outlets! For years there was only one, and to do anything at all required multiple extension cords. In the last six months, I've added one at one end, one in the middle, and now one by the door. Slowly turning the space into someplace where I can conveniently, quickly work.

What all this is leading up to is I was cleaning so I could make the next thing I didn't anticipate. Next to the dishwasher has been an empty space that I've wanted to fill with a narrow cabinet to store cookie sheets. I haven't had the time or money coincide to make that possible, and the new cat found the space behind the dishwasher as a place to hide. She can hide if she wants, but we want to be able to get to her. I made a filler, just a U-shaped bit of plywood to fill the space and keep her from getting in. It was a matter of an hour, maybe?, most of the day was spent cleaning.

Tomorrow, I get a visit with the orthopedist, hopefully figure out - maybe even fix? probably not - what's going on with my right arm. My left is starting to hurt from taking up the slack. I'm ready to do something.

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