Mar. 19th, 2016

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Mar. 19th, 2016 10:48 pm
mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)
Snowing tonight, then forecast for 80 degrees on Wednesday. March in Missouri.

St. Patrick's Day: performed at Backroom Gallery. It was a ton of fun. Richelle Basgall (of Dogtree) stopped by and sat in on a couple of songs. Was very glad to see her there. My in-laws came, too, and brought several of their friends from church. By the time I started playing, it was SRO in the coffee shop. There's a younger couple who've been coming up to see me - he's all pierced and tatted up and she looks like the Girl Next Door, not two people I would have pegged to be together as a couple, let alone would come along to see a fifty year old folkie like me, but this was their second time. One of the them is dragging the other, I'd bet, I just haven't determined which is which.

Friday night: performed at Woodstock B&B here in Independence. Very short, very different: I was mostly there for ambience. The event was a "pudding club", basically a themed meal (Irish, this time) with a dessert sampler at the end. My job was to provide the music during the parts where the "emcee" wasn't talking, but she talked most of the time and I was invited to join the meal, so I don't think I played more than half an hour. Because it's a B&B, when the meal was over everybody went to bed, so I was done.

It's a beautiful place, on Lexington across Chrysler from the RLDS autditorium. They have several rooms, themed: French, Moraccan, other's I'm not sure about. Much bigger than it looks from street.

We have a new cat. 6-9 months old, five point three pounds, she's been living on the property for several months now, finally settling down in the "Guest Room" using the woodchuck tunnels for access. When I had Jami fill in the tunnels, she was trapped and we were obliged to catch and figure out what to do with her. We put out the live trap and got her, then put her in a kennel; we've been working slowly on getting her used to human contact. She's fully feral, and scratched the shit out of Michelle early on - Michelle now has cat scratch fever (yep, it's a real thing) from the bacteria on the cat's claws.

She hisses a lot and lashes out until she figures out that we're not backing off, then she tolerates being petted. I held her this afternoon for Michelle to shoot some pain meds down her throat, and lived to tell the tale. She was tense but didn't try to kill me. On her first vet visit, they confirmed gender and general state of health: no worms, no communicable diseases, no fleas. She got all her shots, and we had her de-clawed (front only), spayed, and microchipped. We are now officially, for good or ill, her forever home.

Her name is Glasgow, named for Katie's favorite reel. She's no longer cowering in the corner unless we get close, but still insecure enough to put her butt into the corner when we do. Based on our interactions so far, though,I think she'll be patient and sweet, and a talker.

My right elbow continues to get worse. Hurts to straighten it from a bend, hurts to pick up a glass of water let alone a pitcher of tea. The visit to the orthopedist can't come soon enough. Probably just tendonitis, but it would be nice to know that for sure.

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