Mar. 15th, 2016


Mar. 15th, 2016 10:19 am
mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)
Recovered from the time change? Maybe. I feel better this morning than I did yesterday.

One thing that's definitely contributed to feeling better is I blocked everything on Facebook with the words "trump", "clinton", "hillary", "cruz". No point in blocking "rubio" or "carson", and Bernie is someone I want to keep track of. It's not that I want to bury my head in the sand and ignore what's going on, there's just only so much room in my head and I prefer to fill with things that don't make me ill - much like my stomach. Why gorge on junk food?

Here's what I know:

Cruz is a mad scientist who wants to bring about the end of the world and remake it in Jesus' image, with him at the head of it. He belongs to a cult of radicalized christians no better than the worst of the Taliban or Isis. Join or die. No tolerance. No shit.

Trump is a mad scientist, he's creating an army of monsters to do his dirty work for him, and it's only going to get worse. You can graph it as a straight line downward and not miss the milestones by more than a percentage point or two. He's a secular version of Cruz. Join or my intolerant followers will kill you. No shit.

Clinton is an establishment, business-as-usual politician with no hope of beating Trump if he gets the GOP nomination. She's got too many scandals he can beat her with, and he has no scruples.

If either Cruz or Trump is elected with a GOP super majority in congress, America will die. I and my family will begin looking at a move to Canada or Europe. I'm not kidding or exagerrating. I don't want to be a citizen of a country full of people this stupid.

Sanders is the last, best hope, and I doubt he'll get elected because the GOP have successfully taught the people of this country that their votes don't matter.

The Hunger Games aren't real - not yet - but Collins was writing a book of prophesy. Take the killing out of the story and look at the events as a series of bullet points: control what the population sees and hears; control where they can go; control points of supply; rig the economy in such a way that the population is too busy trying to survive to put up any real resistance; divide the population into smaller, mangeable groups; pit the groups against each other to keep the focus off the central authority. It's happening right now. It's been building since the Reagan administration. Bread and circuses. The Romans understood.

That's how it is. It's not going to change before November. I don't need that constant noise in my life. If anything significant happens I won't be able to avoid it.

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