Feb. 13th, 2016

mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)
Ready to be done, and we're only halfway through.

I really hate where I am right now. Not life in general, but this place in particular, specifically the downtown Hilton in St.Louis. I hate the Hilton hotel chain: overpriced and not nearly worth the money they charge. I dislike full-service hotels in general, but it seems that every bad hotel experience I've ever had has been in a Hilton. Why the feises insist upon using them is beyond me. Maybe other people are less critical than I am. That's a distinct possibility.

Seriously, though, give me a Hampton Inn or even a Motel 6 any old day of the week. For the kind of money we're spending we could rent a fucking house for a week. That might be worth looking into if I can break Michelle out of the hotel habit. Yes, there's much to be said for having crashing space in the same facility as the event, but damn. Dafuq, as Katie would say.

I running on very little sleep. The beds are small and Michelle and I aren't. I got very little sleep overnight and Michelle, god bless her, left me in the room to sleep while she and Katie went downstairs but it was fitful. I finally got up not because I was rested but out of frustration.

On the bright side, the chair I'm in is comfortable and I have coffee and WIFI - an emenity you have to earn, apparently, like frequent flyer miles - and the Starbucks in the lobby charges suburban prices. Soon we'll go hunt down some lunch. Maybe eating will make me less crabby.

One more feis tomorrow - same hotel. Katie will be done probably about this time then we'll load up and go home. Home after dark, but that's okay. At least it'll be home.

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