Jan. 3rd, 2016

mapsedge: Me at Stone Bridge Coffee House (music at the coffee shop 2)
I'm glad it's over. No one should be surprised there. What is also done is the post Christmas slump I always fall into after xmas day. I'm looking forward to getting back to a famliar routine.

Irish dance doesn't start up again for another couple of weeks, a fact about which I am profoundly glad. I like being home in the evenings, I like having dinner together at the table. Last week of December was very lean for us, several bills hit all at once and left us with virtually no money in the bank, meaning that I had to get all Iron-Chef-y with meals. We had some protein stockpiled in the freezer, and a little cash in my pocket for vegetables, so we did not at any point go hungry or, indeed, want for a good meal. Who knew leftover purple cabbage and apples makes a good slaw? Being off dance for the xmas break helped a bunch too; I actually had time to exercise my creativity.

I have a performance coming up in a couple weeks, and I kinda wish I didn't. I haven't exactly been filling venues to SRO, and if past experience is any indication, I don't anticipate seeing many faces I know. I think this may be my last public appearance. We'll see. "But Bill, you're so talented." I hear that mostly from people I've never seen in an audience, believe it or not, and in any case if it was true I'd be performing to audiences larger than a half-dozen people, don't you think?

I've picked up the dye-machine project again, recutting the gears in  high density polyethylene - recycled plastic cutting board, to be less pretentious about it. The stuff isn't easy to work, and cutting leaves ugly plastic pin-feathers on the back side of the piece, but that shit is tough as nails and should make strong and smooth running gears. I spent some time this afternoon cleaning the garage from a couple month's worth of detritis build-up, then another hour or two working on the project. I glued the original, wooden gear segments to the base, so had to throw that out and cut a new one. I didn't make a lot of progress on the new gears and had planned to go down after supper and do some more but it didn't pan out. Too many little things left to do before the Monday work day.

For the first time in about a year, the tights queue is empty, which feels really weird. Still plenty to do, but none of it is tights.

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